is the best night vision brand
of year 2013

Best Gen 1 Night Vision
Armasight Spark CORE
Best Gen 2 Night Vision
Armasight CO-Mini


    Brilliance Awards Winners

    Armasight Orion 5X became the best product of 2013 according to the Optics-Planet Brilliance Awards ballot.

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  • ZEUS

    New Line of Thermal Scopes

    Armasight is launching three new families of thermal imagers with over 40 variants.

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  • AIM

    Advance integrated mount

    This night vision accessory allows the operator to convert night vision monoculars to a weapon sight.

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  • Clipping On!

    Night Vision Clip-On Systems

    The Armasight Clip-On Systems converts your existing day scope into night vision.

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  • Opmod

    Optics Planet Modification

    OPMOD brand — a series of unique customized hunting and tactical products.

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