Navigate undetected to your objective regardless of the light or the environmental conditions that your mission dictates. Lightweight and durable night vision that work every time.

The PVS-14

The enormously popular Gen 3 Armasight PVS-14 Multi-Purpose NV Monocular is compatible with a variety of accessories that expand its versatility, allowing for use as a handheld device, head- or helmet-mounted night vision monocular, in addition to being adaptable for use with many camera systems.


The Gen 3 Armasight MNVD is a multi-purpose night vision monocular, lighter and more compact than the classic PVS-14 monocular.


The Gen 3 Armasight BNVD night vision binocular allows you to navigate low-light areas and even read in complete darkness.

The Vulcan 4.5x Rifle Scope

The Armasight Vulcan 4.5x Compact Professional Gen 3 Night Vision Rifle Scope is a stand-alone, dedicated night vision riflescope that does not require an existing riflescope.

The CO-Mini

Designed for short-to-medium range use, the Gen 3 Armasight CO-MINI is the most compact commercially available Clip-On Night Vision Device.


The Armasight CO-LR (Clip On – Long Range) is a night vision unit that mounts in front of an existing day scope and converts the day scope to a night vision scope, effective up to ranges of 1000 yards.